lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Más Gaviota marfil (Pagophila eburnea)

Aprovecho la oportunidad que me ofrece Ricardo para añadir un pequeño vídeo de la gaviota alimentándose de los restos de ostras y mejillones en el puerto de Gujan-Mestras:

Gaviota de marfil (Pagophila eburnea)

Amazing views of the first winter Ivory Gull at Gujan-Mestras, Aquitanie, France.
It was easily observed by several french, belgian and spanish birders while it was feeding on oysters at the harbour. A real MEGA!
Also at the same place: 3 Glaucous Gulls (2 of them oiled), several Ring billed... and up to 11 different gull species. A must for all gull lovers.

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